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The Sta. Isabel College Library was first put up in the year 1632 and was originally housed in Casa Real de la Miseracordia, an institution which took care of the orphaned daughters of the Spanish soldiers who were for the service of the King. Most of its collections were books written in Spanish. Religious books out numbered the other collections. Several years later, it was destroyed by the fire during the liberation of Manila . The Sisters sought refuge at Sta. Rita College which was fortunately spared from the ravaged of war. A benevolent and compassionate Msgr. Vicente Reyes , the Parish Priest of San Miguel, offered some rooms to help the sisters starts anew their apostolate of educating the young. One room was a library. Though small, it contained varied book collection just enough to meet the need of its clientele.

Sr. Juana Zabalza, was the first Superior to head the community of the Daughters of Charity in Sta. Isabel College after the Second World War. Sr. Candida Ocampo , the indefatigable Principal who later became the first Filipina Sister Superior in

Sta. Isabel College , was able to acquire the former Sta. Rita Hall at 210 taft Avenue , Manila . Since then Sta. Rita Hall was transformed into what we call SANTA ISABEL COLLEGE at 210 Taft Avenue , Manila . The school library size grew occupying 340 square meters, enough to house numerous collections Sta. Isabel College had acquired since then.

The first library in Taft Avenue was located at the second floor of the building facing Luneta, now Rizal Park .

In the year 1967, the library was transferred in the second floor of the Basic Education Department. It serves the Elementary, High School and College Departments. There was a collection of 18,000 volumes of books which were not properly catalogued by then, and there was no qualified librarian to manage the library.

In the later part of 1986 with an increase of enrollment, there was a need for the Higher Education Library to transfer to the new building where the classrooms of the Higher Education Department was located. It was at this period in time when a qualified Librarian headed by Sr. Angelina Tamayo, D.C. took over the management of the Basic Education Department and Higher Education Libraries.

In keeping with the vision-mission of D.C. schools, Sta. Isabel College provides services to facilitate the integral formation of its clientele. Thus, in 1988 Sr. Sonia Rocha, D.C., the Directress of Sta. Isabel College approved the construction of Audio- Visual Center to house the audio-visual materials and equipments. This center is located at the ground floor of the old building. Sr. Purification Faune, D.C. was appointed to head the libraries which included the Audio-visual center, the Auditorium and the Conference room. The significant role that the Media Center and Libraries plays in the education process is indeed undebatable. The properly designed instructional materials can enhance and promote teaching –learning process.

Santa Isabel College Programs, that is Elementary, High School and Colleges of Education, Liberal Arts and Commerce are all PAASCU accredited. The libraries and AV Center's improvement and among others are on going as part of the implementation of the PAASCU recommendations.

The Sta. Isabel College envisioned to provide best facilities that will enhance learning process that on July 25, 1998 , the blessing of the newly constructed College Library and Multipurpose covered court , named after patron saint, St. Elizabeth of Hungary , was held. The newly constructed College library provides greater accessibility, adequate space and appropriate facilities to accommodate the reading and research needs of users and to house the growing collection of library resources.

To meet the demands of the changing times, the library has set up Computer Section which boast Internet connected units where students and faculty could browse the current local and global news and information.

There is also a continues updating of Librarians Professional growth through seminar-workshop. Formal studies sponsored by Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) and through the unwavering support of the school administrators.



Santa Isabel College, an Archdiocesan institution administered by the Daughters of Charity, professes its Vision and Mission:


An audacious Christ-Centered educational institution committed to empowering communities of learners into inner–directed Vincentian leaders and advocates of persons who are poor.


At Santa Isabel College, we commit ourselves to:

  • Courageously pursue value innovative educational programs and services anchored in Christ.
  • Interdependently accelerate leadership and professional development through continuing education and intensive Vincentian Formation.
  • Synergistically facilitate the integral development of the learners towards transformation through current researches, relevant curricular offerings and responsive community extension services.
  • Relentlessly generate a new breed of self-directed, global and environmentally caring Vincentian leaders.
  • Ardently support one another in sustaining the shared mission.


            To ensure the realization of the Santa Isabel College Vision and Mission, the following core values are given focus and integrated in the institution’s endeavors.


  • Directs us to empower the marginalized sector through one’s personal preferential option for the poor in building a society that promotes truth and justice.


  • Dedication to the highest ideals in the continuing pursuit of global excellence for quality education that motivates and infuses the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul in the learning community.


  • Sensitivity to the needs of others and zealous response of caring and sharing with the needy and the disadvantaged, out of loving and humble heart.


  • Spirit of dialogue, partnership, participation, teamwork and collaboration in all endeavors for the good of all.


  • Reverence for every person and concern for the promotion of life, human rights and total human development.


  • Audacious love of country and dedication to the transformation of communities and society by change of personal attitudes and unjust social structures through peaceful means.


  • Loving and living out in truth and freedom, honesty and transparency in relationships; modest and simple lifestyle in solidarity with the less-privileged.


  • Sense of communion with persons, and families centered in the Eucharist, regardless of gender, race, color, creed and socio-economic status, and a firm determination to promote the common good.




Objectives of Sta. Isabel College Library

General Objectives:

Sta. Isabel College Library provides services to facilitate the integral formation of its clientele by providing well selected educational materials, well organized collection and services that will enhance learning process, partake the vision-mission of the D.C. Education Ministry in its dream of forming enlightened and committed Filipino Christian community and contribute to social transformation by showing respect for human dignity, promoting the integrity of creation, putting their personal gifts and talents at the service of the poor, working for justice, peace and solidarity, thus responding to the call of the Church and Society.

Specific Objectives of the Library

• To provide an organized and readily accessible collection of print and     on-  print materials and supportive equipment to meet institutional,     instructional and individual needs f students and faculty.

A.1. The library collection should support the college curriculum with:

•  adequate research materials for students and faculty

•  supplementary reading collection

•  a diversified reference collection

•  a range of periodicals

•  well selected filipiniana books

•  non-print materials including traditional and     newly developed audio-visual     and information technology.

• To support institutional research of faculty and staff

• To provide services which support the above objectives.

• To encourage innovation and learning by providing facilities and resources     which will make this possible.

• To instruct users in the most expeditious means of research.

• To assist faculty in development of instructional media/ or instructional    system.




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